Colombia - Waist trainer + size extension

Colombia - Waist trainer + size extension

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Waist trainer extender normal - Jet black - OneSize
Waist trainer extender normal - Jet black - OneSize
Colombia - Jet black - 3XS
Colombia - Jet black - 3XS



The package includes:

  • 1 piece of Columbia waist trainer in the selected size and color
  • 1 waist trainer extender
  • 1 Legal Beauty measuring tape
  • 1 gift box

Our Colombia product was created in such a way that the backside is not uncomfortable for shorter ladies when sitting, exercising or lying down, and it also covers the most problematic part, the entire abdomen, including the lower part.
It is 30 cms long in the front, it tapers continuously in the back and the narrowest part is 15 cm.
It has a shape that accentuates the buttocks and the breasts to ensure comfortable wear even for our customers with larger figures.
It is equipped with 4 rows of clasps, so that you can use it for a lon time. Of course, an extra size extender is also available.
11 steel braces make it even more effective and ensure a better hold on the wearer.
The latex material provides a unique design and an even stronger hold.

Extremely practical accessory for particularly determined dieters who want to achieve spectacular results in a short period of time or who fall between two sizes and are afraid that the larger one would soon be too large for them
It is also highly recommended after giving birth, as in this case they would grow out of the initially ideal size faster due to the contraction of the abdomen.

The lace extender is also very useful if your size is not available. Order one size smaller and with the extender, your waist trainer will be just the right size. This way, you can save the price of another corset, since as your waist narrows, it is enough to disconnect the expander and you already have a smaller size.

Which product is the normal size extender good for?

In jet black:

Paris - Jet Black waist trainer
Los Angeles - Jet Black waist trainer
Columbia - Jet Black waist trainer

Toffee cream:

Paris - Toffee cream waist trainer


Columbia - Mocha waist trainer

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