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Legal Beast Men Berlin

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Men's sports belt, with an extra strong self-adhesive fastener for an easy customization, that makes the taking on- and off of the garment faster. Our sports belt brings relief to your waist during workouts.



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We pack our products in silk bags and silk ribbons with a logo on them, then put them in a gift box. Therefore, it is also a perfect choice as a gift.
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Men's Legal Beast Berlin sports belt with triple waistband’s soft material provides a comfortable wear, and generates heat that enhances sweat. Intensive perspiration promotes fat burn and detox.

On the back of Legal Beast Berlin sweat belt, you find four flexible plastic bonings that promote an ideal posture. Also, this sports belt brings relief to your waist during workouts, or during all sorts of physical work.

Instead of hook and eye closure, strong velcro fastening makes it easy and fast to put this waist trainer belt on and take it off. The Legal Beast Berlin sports belt's extra waist-tightening velcro band supports the waist even more intensively, so it prevents minor injuries more effectively during everyday wear, and workouts as well.

Unlike London sports belt, Legal Beast Berlin’s waist-tightener has three waistbands extending to the whole width of the belt, making the design of Legal Beast Berlin sports belt even more unique, with even more stable lower back support.

Our Legal Beast Berlin sports belt with triple waist band comes with a free Legal Beast measuring tape. Delivered to you in an exclusive gift box.

We highly recommend to wear a lightweight cotton tank top under a waist trainer after a freshly executed abdominal surgery. If in doubt, please consult with your doctor, or other qualified health care professional.

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